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BOOM! ! ! Tinubu Needs To Be Disgraced At The Polls- Nigerians Lambast Tinubu After He Rubbished Funke Akindele; SEE What He Said


Numerous Nigerians have voiced out their dismay after Bola Ahmed Tinubu at a mission rally expressed that referencing the name of Funke Akindele in his presence was impolite.

As per a report by Individuals' s Newspaper, the Official competitor of the decision Party who was backing the Lagos state Lead representative Babajide Sanwo-Olu of APC for re-appointment would go on let his allies know that referencing the name Nollywood Entertainer in his presence was annoying.

Funke Akindele is the Agent Governorship Applicant of the PDP in Lagos State and she' s running close by the PDP Governorship Competitor, Abdul-Azeez Adediran (Jandor). During Bola Ahmed Tinubu' s appearance at the Political occasion in Lagos state, APC allies could sing, " Who is Funke Akindele before Sanwo-Olu of Lagos? She is an insect. " Tinubu would answer that, " Wear' t even annoyance to make reference to her name in my presence. It is an affront. It is discourteous. "

Nigerians didn't take excessively merciful to Tinubu' s criticizing proclamation with one individual composing that, " Tinubu should be shamed at the surveys. His wings should be cut. He views at everybody as mushroom and talks like he possesses the nation or something to that effect. "

That's what a subsequent individual added, " Funke Akindele has each privilege to challenge for any situation in Nigeria, it is her sacred freedoms. The issue of insolent doesn't emerge in light of the fact that it exclusively part of a vote based system. Nigeria has a place with Nigerians, not a lot of oppressors. Stop them b4 they stop you. "

While a third expressed that, " What' s the distinction among Tinubu and Abacha? The level of fascism that runs in this blood would just bring about another profoundly unfeeling pioneer who wouldn' t pay attention to the populace. Nigerians, vote carefully let' s start to follow our means with Peter Obi. "


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