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BREAKING: Buhari gets 7 day Ultimatum to reverse Lecturers Half-Salaries


BREAKING: Buhari gets 7 day Ultimatum to reverse Lecturers Half-Salaries

Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP)has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to "direct the minister of Work and Business, Chris Ngige, and the acting Bookkeeper General of the Organization, Sylva Okolieaboh to promptly invert the clearly unlawful allowances from the compensations of individuals from the Scholarly Staff Association of Colleges (ASUU) for October 2022."

SERAP is additionally asking him to "direct Mr Ngige and Mr Okolieaboh to pay ASUU individuals full pay rates for the length of their strike activity."

The Central Government as of late purportedly paid half-compensations to individuals from ASUU for the long stretch of October, 2022. A few teachers purportedly got pay rates going from N71,000 to N121,000 for October.

In the open letter dated 5 November, 2022 and endorsed by SERAP agent chief Kolawole Oluwadare, the association said: "Paying half compensations to ASUU individuals exclusively for practicing their common liberties is plainly unlawful and contradictory with the Nigerian Constitution 1999 [as amended] and global principles."

SERAP said, "The supposed derivations from the compensations of ASUU individuals additionally sum to rebuffing them for practicing their entitlement to strike."

The letter, read to some degree: "The derivations are unlawful and unbalanced. The derivations may likewise be interpreted as a purposeful endeavor to remove the option to strike, and to make ASUU a stand-in."

"The option to strike infers the right of laborers not to rebuffed for strike. ASUU individuals don't subsequently relinquish their pay rates since they practice their entitlement to strike."

"We would be thankful assuming the suggested measures are required in the span of seven days of the receipt or potentially distribution of this letter. On the off chance that we have not heard from you by then, at that point, SERAP will make all suitable lawful moves to propel your administration to consent to our solicitations in the public interest."

"Unlawful derivations from the compensations of ASUU individuals may likewise disregard the option to work, and to regard of the nobility inborn in a person."

"The derivations are likewise contrary with the forbiddance of all types of abuse and debasement of man especially brutal, cruel or corrupting discipline and treatment."

"The allowances additionally verifiably disregard the right of individuals from ASUU to a satisfactory way of life for them as well as their families, including to the persistent improvement of everyday environments."

"Strikes are a fundamental method accessible to laborers and their associations to safeguard their inclinations."

"The option to strike is an inherent component of the right of affiliation perceived under the Nigerian Constitution, ILO shows, and common liberties settlements to which the nation is a state party."

"For sure, the option to strike and that of qualification to full compensation for quite a long time of strike are fundamental components of worker's guild freedoms."

"Paying ASUU individuals or any laborers half compensations exclusively for legally and calmly practicing their entitlement to strike is an impermissible limitation on the right to opportunity of affiliation including the option to strike, which is a fundamental component in the standard of aggregate dealing."

"The utilization of any implied 'no work, no compensation' rule to deduct from the pay rates of ASUU individuals would be obviously conflicting and contradictory with the Nigerian Constitution and global guidelines."

"The option to strike is a cornerstone of current modern culture. No general public which comes up short on right can be majority rule. Any general public which tries to become vote based should get that right."

"The ILO Panel on Opportunity of Affiliation has expressed that the inconvenience of approvals for strike activity isn't helpful for amicable work relations."

"As per the Goal concerning the Cancelation of Hostile to Worker's guild Regulation in the States Individuals from the Worldwide Work Association, part states including Nigeria must 'guarantee the compelling and unhindered activity of worker's organization privileges, including the option to strike by laborers.'"

"Another ILO goal, named, 'Goal Concerning Worker's organization Privileges and their Connection to Common Freedoms' called for activity in various ways 'with the end goal of guaranteeing full and general regard for worker's organization freedoms including the option to strike in their broadest sense.'"

"Safeguarding essential common freedoms including the option to strike isn't just about States satisfying their lawful commitments. It is likewise about them making vote based and fair social orders that are manageable over the long haul."

"Without safeguarding an option to strike, opportunity of relationship, specifically the option to coordinate exercises to advance and safeguarding laborers' inclinations, can't be completely understood."

"Our solicitations are gotten the public interest, and with regards to the prerequisites of the Nigerian Constitution; and the country's global commitments including under the Worldwide Work Association [ILO] Shows, the African Contract on Human and People groups' Privileges, and the Global Pledge on Monetary, Social and Social Freedoms to which Nigeria is a state party."

"SERAP noticed that ASUU as of late suspended its eight months modern activity following mediations from the Court of Allure, which maintained a prior choice from the Public Modern Court NIC."


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