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I won't be quiet any longer, I can't Compose AGF Mallami to proceed with Unlawful detainment of Nnamdi Kanu - Emeka Ihedioha end quiet


Previous Imo state Lead representative, Emeka Ihedioha talk on supposed letter composing by him to Head legal officer of League, AGF Abubakar Mallami to proceed with kept the head of the Native Nation of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu.

Reducing most, if not all, connection with the letter, Emeka Ihedioha blamed APC and Uzodinma for attempting to paint his name dark.

  • He promise not to go on with quietness.
  • Peruse what he said beneath
  • At the point when Quietness Isn't Brilliant

Since fourteenth January 2020 when the High Court of Nigeria superseded the discretionary will of the great individuals of Imo State by eliminating me from office, I have kept a diligent quiet, declining to get issues together with grouches who organized the legal heist notwithstanding every one of the incitements.

I deliberately respected the saying that sitting quiet is better than the alternative, so as not to arouse enthusiasm in our Dear State. In any case, there comes when quietness is presently not brilliant. That time is presently. Apparently certain individuals are not happy with their taken order. They need to drag me out by an arranged mission of falsehoods. Furthermore, those completing this mission of defamation against my individual are doing as such at the command of a similar man who was forced on Imo State. However, I figure out their problem.

Having prevailed in their underhanded plot of eliminating me from office, they understood that the greater fight was winning the hearts and psyches of individuals. What's more, that is demonstrating troublesome. That they have neglected to charm themselves to the great individuals of Imo State over the most recent 34 months is the reason they are presently frantic. And furthermore becoming perilous. So perilous that they are presently working with political mavericks across partisan divisions.

While in office, Emeka Ihedioha was their bad dream. Yet, they have likewise acknowledged to their most extreme vexation that even out of office, I have stayed a greater foe thus the endless mission of defamation with the sole reason for harming my standing and putting a wedge among me and Imolites. In doing this, there are no forbidden. They have produced reports, devised voice messages, lied and expanded the virtual entertainment in tossing mud to check whether anybody sticks. They use gives that are exceptionally dear to our kin in this odious undertaking.

Two of such underhanded demonstrations were an implied voice of me conveying intimidations and a letter, likewise purportedly composed by me to the Fair Head legal officer of the League and Clergyman of Equity, Abubakar Malami, prompting him not to respect the Allure Court judgment that released and vindicated Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, head of the Native Nation of Biafra so as not to endanger the 2023 races.

It is bizarre and silly, knowing my experience and situation that I will compose the Respectable Head legal officer of the League, requesting that he proceed to wrongfully clutch Nnamdi Kanu even after a court of skillful ward had released him. What advantages will such a letter give on me in a question of such open concern, responsiveness and unpredictability. How does that appear to be legit?

On the off chance that anybody ought to fear a free Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, it is Trust Uzodimma. The way that he and individual characters will create such a letter shows the level they are ready to go to cling to the power they procured through questionable means. While Nigerians know that the people who can produce surveying results for made votes can fashion anything, I have chosen not to keep quiet again in that frame of mind of this criminal maligning of my personality on the grounds that as we inch nearer to the 2023 decisions, the abhorrent ruses will escalate.

I'm not unduly stressed, however, in light of the fact that our kin know better. In any case, we can never again permit guiltiness to rule. I subsequently encourage the security organizations to research those behind this barefaced falsification and deal with them. Guiltiness ought not be raised to a specialty of administration. Imolites merit better.

Hon. Emeka Ihedioha CON.


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