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Zero points: The worst teams in Champions League history ranked


Zero focuses: The most obviously terrible groups in Champions Association history positioned

With Officers having lost each of the six of their games in this season's gathering stage, Objective goes through every one of the sides to have experienced complete embarrassment.

The Heroes Association is intense, no one is questioning that, yet even actually, getting no focuses by any means during the gathering stage takes some doing.

Or then again, at any rate, it used to.

Unfortunately, lately, as the hole between those who are well off and the poor develops more extensive in Europe, this is occurring all the more every now and again to a portion of the opposition's more modest groups.

Indeed, even a portion of the game's all the more notable sides have experienced the lowness of neglecting to get a solitary point.

Beneath, Objective goes through each of the sides to have bowed out subsequent to losing all of their gathering games...


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